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Indoor Air Quality - Ice Rinks

Do you have an indoor air quality monitoring program at your ice rink?  If not, why?  Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) poisoning are a real possibility at any ice rink that uses fossil fueled ice resurfacers and ice edgers to maintain the ice surface.   The only way to know if Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide levels are within acceptable limits is to measure for them frequently with proper equipment.  Only three states (Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island) currently have regulations for indoor air quality in ice rinks, but STAR strongly recommends that all ice rink operators implement an air quality monitoring program for their rink.  If your rink does not currently measure air quality regularly, then please contact STAR today to help you create an air quality monitoring program.  

719-538-1149 or info@starrinks.com

The safety of your employees, co-workers, and patrons must be a top priority at your ice rink. 

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