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Certified Ice Technician Recertification (CITR)

Certified Ice Technician Recertification (CITR)

This course provides the opportunity for Certified Ice Technicians (CIT’s) to meet recertification requirements instituted by STAR. All current CIT’s must be recertified within five years of obtaining the CIT designation and this course is a great way to accomplish this. Participants share experiences and learn about new equipment and techniques in the areas of refrigeration, ice maintenance, equipment operation and ice painting.  Participants will complete a written exam on the final day of class and must pass this exam to maintain their CIT designation.

Topics Include:

•    Refrigeration Theory & Principles Review 

•    Refrigeration Troubleshooting

•    Proper Ice Resurfacer Operation Review

•    Conditioner Working Parts

•    Ice Resurfacer Troubleshooting

•    Ice Making & Painting Review

•    Indoor Air Quality

Take this class to maintain your Certified Ice Technician Designation!